Transforming industries with AUTONOMOUS ROBOTICS

Our mission at Energy Robotics is to relieve humans from dangerous, repetitive and undesirable tasks through autonomous robotic inspection. Our teams of expert roboticists and passionate developers are striving to improve the Energy Robotics  software platform to boost operational efficiency and workplace safety in industrial environments.



Energy Robotics provides an end-to-end solution for autonomous inspections in capital-intensive industries such as oil & gas, chemical, power and utilities. Our hardware-agnostic software platform enables asset owners to easily manage a fleet of robots and drones for autonomous inspection.



We equip robots to autonomously collect high quality data and use AI driven analytics to convert it into actionable information. With over 50 robots deployed across 4 continents, our team of robotics wizards is already transforming industrial operations.

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Our Roots

The concept behind Energy Robotics started at TU Darmstadt with “Team Hector”. There, we won numerous awards for our pioneering work in the field of autonomous inspection robots. In 2017, our team decisively won the international ARGOS Challenge organized by the Oil and Gas company, Total. This was the first-ever recognized prototype of an autonomous ground robot capable of carrying out complex remote inspections and monitoring missions aboard oil and gas platforms. We were showered with glowing words of praise from all quarters for showcasing the potential of Germany in being the centre of AI and Robotics. Here's our ex-chancellor beaming with pride:

"Here we really have a jewel in questions of artificial intelligence with all its subareas. We know that the international competition here is very tough, but Darmstadt shows that Germany can be in the vanguard. That is very good news and I am pleased."
Ex-Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel at TU Darmstadt (October 8th, 2018)

Our success at the ARGOS Challenge sparked the idea of creating a business out of our software. It laid the foundations for the successful application of robot software for industrial inspections. That’s when we decided on our mission of using autonomous robots to increase operational efficiency and keeping people out of harm’s way. By pursuing our mission, we envision to be leaders in autonomous robotics.

Since 2019, the first commercial robots exclusively brain-powered by Energy Robotics are serving our customers. Through every step of our team’s development, we’ve continuously strived for excellence. In 2021, our efforts paid off as major investors in the European industry recognized us for our work. With a funding of over 2 million Euros from investors, we are a visionary company working with industry giants like Shell and Merck. Our team has grown exponentially in recent times and now consists of over two dozen passionate employees working on different aspects of our robot software. We proudly serve a range of customers and strive to provide a continuously safer and more efficient solution for industrial inspections.



Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
  • Serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in building successful global businesses
  • World championship in RoboCup Soccer 4-legged league
  • Experienced Software Engineer and Tech enthusiast


Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder
  • Received a doctoral degree from TU Darmstadt for his research in robotics
  • Lead of web and mobile user interface
  • Lead of cloud-based software
  • Responsible for IT security
  • Multiple World Champion in RoboCup Soccer humanoid and 4-legged leagues


Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder
  • Received a doctoral degree from TU Darmstadt for his research in robotics
  • Lead of robotics and AI
  • Developer of Hector SLAM, one of the most widely used open source algorithms in research and industry for simultaneous localization and mapping
  • Team Lead at ARGOS Challenge, DARPA Robotics Challenge and RoboCup Rescue


Chief Operations Officer, Co-Founder
  • Received a doctoral degree from TU Darmstadt for his research in robotics
  • Lead of software and hardware qualification
  • Lead of Robot DevOps
  • Lead of autonomous robot behaviours
  • Expert in robotic manipulation and grasping


Professor at TU Darmstadt, Senior Advisor, Co-Founder
  • Professional and scientific mentor and consultant
  • Internationally recognized expert with more than 25 years of expertise in autonomous robotics and more than 250 publications
  • 6 years of founding experience in robotics industry
  • Multiple awards and championships: 1st prize European Robotics Technology Transfer 2009, Hessian Cooperation Award 2009, 6 RoboCup World Championships in three different leagues, wins at ARGOS, ENRICH, and WRS


  • Technical lead for ROS 2 and Lead for ROS 1 Core
  • Expert in the ROS community, 8+ years at Willow Garage / Open Robotics
  • Senior Software Architect at NVIDIA

Vladimir Margolin

Vice President Customer Success & Global Sales
  • Sales leader with 10+ years' experience in B2B industries: automotive, energy, food & beverage, logistics, packaging, chemical etc. 
  • Building, developing & growing international sales teams 
    (sales development & field sales representatives)
  • High expertise in development & implementation of sales & go-to-market strategies in multiple industries
  • Partner management & development of global partner network 
  • Sales expert: enterprise - software, machine vision, AI, sensors, safety & robotics

Dominik Neuwirth

Vice President Partnerships a.i.
  • 15+ years in building successful high-growth business 
  • Mechatronics engineer with a passion for digital transformation
  • Expert in AI and cloud native business models
  • Lead of partnerships, ecosystem, and alliances

Dr. Mirko Weidner

Head of Customer Success
  • Expert communicator at the interface between technology and business
  • Main objective: building trust with Energy Robotics users to ensure long term success in a collaboration that generates value for both sides
  • 10+ years of business and relationship management experience in international high technology markets
  • PhD degree in materials science and engineering, with focus on experimental solid state physics and surface science

DR. Marius beul

Head of Drone Program
  • Head of the Energy Robotics Drone Program
  • PhD in Robotics with 10+ years of experience with drones and robots
  • Expert in planning, navigation, and control
  • Participated in many international robotics competitions like DRC, MBZIRC, Euroc etc.
  • Hobby Pilot, Nerd, and Maker with a passion for mechatronic systems


Head of AI
  • Head of the Energy Robotics Artificial Intelligence division
  • Leading a team of ML experts in the research and development of cloud-based and on-robot skills
  • PhD candidate in computer science, boasting over 10 years of experience across various robotic systems
  • Won multiple first-place rankings in international RoboCup competitions across different leagues
  • Expert in both supervised and self-supervised deep learning methodologies

Sarah Davoine

Head of People & Culture
  • HR leader and expert with proven track record in scaling international teams
  • People analytics enthusiast striving for continuous improvement in employee wellbeing and organizational culture
  • Experienced in setting up efficient processes and fostering connections among employees
  • Holistic employee lifecycle management with a passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as coaching and accompanying change processes

Carlos Gracia Sola

Head of Customer Support
  • Ensuring utmost satisfaction for our valued clients and seamless customer support experiences
  • 10+ years in robotics pioneering automated solutions for companies in manufacturing, logistics, food, clothing etc.
  • Successfully led multiple robotics projects from initial pilots to fully autonomous systems handling tens of thousands of weekly orders
  • Mechatronics engineer with a focus on robotics and automation

Marian Dittmer

Solution Architect & Product Owner
  • Product owner and cloud solution architect
  • 10+ years of experience building large scale micro-service cloud solutions
  • Enthusiastic about robots, clean coding, and breaking down problems such that we can quickly deliver high customer value

Rachel Krebs

Office Manager & People Specialist
  • Office manager responsible for office programs, culture, and services to enhance the overall in-office employee experience and ensure a well-organized, engaging and inspiring workplace
  • Partner with the people, legal, project, and finance teams to support people’s team, keeping track of processes, purchasing and invoicing.  
  • Master's in counseling psychology with 10+ years in business operations and office management

Jānis Dirveiks

Agile Coach
  • Agile practitioner with 10+ years of experience in leading software development process
  • Has led multiple large-scale agile transformations in banking and fintech
  • Expertise in project and product management
  • Skilled in organizational coaching, process design, and teamwork training


Marketing Manager
  • Storyteller, word-weaver, number-cruncher
  • Empowering sales through high-quality lead generation
  • Proven record in B2B digital marketing
  • Master's in Mechanical Engineering and Management


Be it our mission or our work culture, we put people first. We provide a nurturing work environment that fosters growth and enables our team to operate at the cutting edge of robotics. If you are inspired by our mission of applying autonomous robotics to solve real-world problems and are passionate about making a difference, we’d like to hear from you. We’re not just making robots smarter; we’re building a better tomorrow through autonomous robotics.