Efficient Planning and Execution of
Large-Scale Inspection Rounds

Learn how to easily create marathon inspection missions with thousands of inspection points while keeping Digital Twin data up-to-date using our brand-new feature Map Extension.

industry focus: chemical, POWER & UTILITIES, oil & gas

Create marathon inspection missions on the fly

Planning and executing autonomous inspection rounds in large sprawling assets is plagued with many challenges: dynamically changing environments, the presence of 1000s of inspection points and outdated Digital Twin data.

By adopting a site-centric approach, the Energy Robotics platform helps asset owners overcome these challenges with a brand-new feature called Map Extension. Through Map Extension, operators can easily extend pre-recorded inspection rounds and keep the site’s Digital Twin data up to date.
  • Demonstration of the Map Extension feature for planning long inspection rounds with the ExR-2 robot
  • Get a glimpse of new features including Visual Servoing
  • Learn how inspection rounds can be planned on-demand and effortlessly extended to inspect additional assets
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