autonomous inspection software

Manage and monitor a fleet of robots, run inspection missions to capture high quality data, easily access inspection reports and derive actionable information through AI-driven analytics, all through one single platform. That’s what we mean by end-to-end solution. Scroll down to learn more.

Fleet Management

Control a fleet of different robots with one single interface from anywhere in the world.

  • 24/7 robot supervision and control
  • Complete overview of all robots
  • Direct access to inspection missions and reports
  • Easy inspection programming
Status updates from different robots


Robot navigation and sensor control at your fingertips.

  • Drive any robot manually through a gamepad controller
  • Navigate easily through interchangeable camera views
  • Control all sensors in any robot on your fleet
  • Intuitive GUI for complete sensor control and data representation


Monitor vital parameters of the entire fleet and take pre-emptive action.

  • Monitor parameters such as battery life, connectivity, mission status and more
  • Single pane of glass view of robot parameters of the entire fleet
  • Graphical representation of robot activity over time
  • Take pre-emptive action through parameter-based system alerts


Robots are fast learners, teach them new inspection missions in minutes and let them repeat it autonomously.

  • Drive the robot manually through the inspection round
  • Aim sensors at points of interest and select the type of inspection (visual, thermal, audio...) and the type of media (audio, video...)
  • Give a name to each point of interest you are inspecting e.g., "water pump A-52X"
  • Create different inspection rounds

Inspection reporting

Gain business critical information and implement predictive maintenance through AI driven analytics.

  • Automatic report generation after every inspection round
  • Localized inspection data on a map of the round
  • Visual representation of data through maps and graphs
  • Historical record of every inspection round
  • Access data on the cloud via an API
  • Inspection alarms through text message notifications
User Management screen showing different user profiles


Accelerate change management through seamless operations integration and a straightforward user interface.

  • Installation-free, web-based user interface
  • Fast access to live video and onsite sensor data
  • Assign role access rights
  • Secure access


Seamless integration to both your operations management system and our web-based UI.

  • Plan and manage inspection missions easily through our intuitive UI
  • Or execute and monitor inspection missions directly from your operations management system
  • Direct access to inspection data and mission reports from your operations management system
Flowchart showing flow of data between the Energy Robotics cloud and the UI and the client cloud