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The hardware-agnostic Energy Robotics Software equips the most capable robots and drones for automated inspection, enabling AI data-processing and seamless integration to your asset management systems.

ExR-2 from ExRobotics

ANYmal from ANYbotics

RB WATCHER from Robotnik

Capra Hircus from Capra Robotics

Inspector from Taurob

Mavic 2 from DJI

Spot from Boston Dynamics

robot classes for 360° Monitoring of your site

inspection robot 2 hours
  • Environment
  • Connectivity
    4/5G & Wi-Fi
  • Max. mission time
    ~90 min
  • Recharge Time
    2 hours
inspection robot 18 hours
Tracked & wheeled Robots
  • Environment
  • Connectivity
    4/5G & Wi-Fi
  • Max. mission time
    ~2-8 hours
  • Recharge Time
    Upto 8 hours
drone 2 hours
  • Environment
    Aerial Missions
  • Connectivity
    Dual-modem 4G
  • Max. mission time
    ~25 min
  • Recharge Time
    1.5 hours
inspection robot exr-2
Inspect potentially explosive ATEX and IECEX Zones

ONBOARD THE ExR-2 to your inspection fleet

Prevent people from being deployed in potentially explosive ATEX (and IECEx) Zone 1 environments. We brain-power ExR-2 robots from ExRobotics to perform inspection rounds in these sensitive environments and deliver high-quality insights.
inspection drone

Autonomous inspection drones

Add the 3rd dimension to inspections by onboarding industry-proven drones and run automated missions from anywhere (Beyond Visual Line of Sight Approved). The result is 360 degree monitoring of the site, both from the ground and the air, through a single platform.
EXPLORE Inspection Drones


AI-driven analytics delivers actionable information to your fingertips.
  • State-of-the-art AI for data processing
  • Concise and intuitive inspection reports
  • API for cloud data access
  • Data security ensured at all times

Robot Control

Effortless robot navigation and sensor control on a browser-based user interface.
  • Drive robots from anywhere in the world
  • Navigate easily through interchangeable camera views
  • Control all sensors in any robot on your fleet
  • Intuitive GUI for complete sensor control and data representation

Fleet Management

Control a fleet of different robots with a single interface from anywhere in the world.

  • 24/7 robot supervision and control
  • Complete overview of all robots
  • Direct access to inspection missions and reports
inspection report via robots


Gain business critical information and implement predictive maintenance through AI driven analytics and intuitive reporting.

  • Automatic report generation after every inspection round
  • Visual representation of data through maps and graphs
  • Access data on the cloud via an API
  • Inspection alarms through text message notifications
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Vladimir Margolin
Vice President Global Sales

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Energy Robotics' autonomous inspection solution has convinced us that mobile robots are able to perform inspection tasks consistently and to reliably provide accurate information.

Dr. Uwe Piechottka, Process Technology & Engineering at Evonik


The automated robotic inspection in substations is opening a new chapter for us as an energy supplier. We are pleased that Energy Robotics is supporting us so competently in the challenging project of automating our inspection tasks.

Michael Renghart, Head of Planning/Construction of Substations and Switching Stations at Bayernwerk


We are proud to have put a mixed fleet of autonomous inspection robots and a drone into operation as part of our innovation and digitalization efforts.

Thomas Klein, Digital Innovation Lead, Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rheinland.